Member of Parliament : Permen No 7 ESDM Violates Human Rights
Dewi Aryani, member of Commission VII DPR PDIP Faction - Regulation of Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (Permen ESDM) No 7/2012 should have been applied w.e.f. May 6, 2012. However, implementation of this regulation has triggered new problems.  As a result, as many as three million miners will lose their jobs. Which is why, the House of Representatives (DPR) especially from Commission VII has requested for a review of this regulation or even withdrawal. Because, the implication might be more dangerous, and labors might certainly be victimized.

This was stated by member of Commission VII DPR PDIP Faction, Dewi Aryani in Jakarta, Tuesday (8/5). According to her, the government had indirectly psychologically terrorized miners through this regulation.

“They (labors) are now restless. What will be their fate in the future, they might be laid off. Due to this policy, the government could be considered to have violated human rights (HAM). Because this Permen is part of people’s impoverishment process,” said Dewi.

In the context of public policy thinking, people are supposed to feel benefited. Hence, a policy should meet all of the following four factors, approval from the government, parliament, businesspersons, and the people. “But, from parliament’s side, even I’d never been asked to discuss about this Permen by the government, let alone businesspersons and other community members,” he stressed.

He also indicated the possibility of certain party’s interest behind issuing this Permen. As, many parties are also having side jobs in mining sector other than mining businesspersons. “It might even be that this Permen is just a game. Which Minister who doesn’t own a mines? All of them have. Many DPR members also have them. Meaning, the government has so far been selling mining permits. Whereas, the most important step is to uncover mining mafias,” he said crossly.

This step is government’s form of inconsistency, she said. Whereas, in the Act No 4 of 2009 on mineral and coals, restriction of new exports will be in 2014, but apparently the restriction had been imposed through this Permen. “For that reason government must withdraw this Permen 7, and it shouldn’t act inconsistently with regard to regulations. That is why the government should form a working group or task force to clear this case within the next six months,” Dewi advised.

Meanwhile, Chairperson of Association of Indonesian Mining Entrepreneurs (Apemindo), Poltak Sitanggang, stated that many mines owned by his members have been shut, due to the loss they suffered as a result of export bans, as experienced by mineral mining in Tanjung Pinang, Bangka Belitung.

“So, there certainly might be massive lay-offs in mining sites. It’s estimated that around 3 million miners will lose their jobs,” Poltak explained.

According to him, the site run by Apemindo is mostly for bauxite and nickel, where 42 million ton of bauxite and 38 million ton of nickel are produced each year. “So, if our mining has stopped, the cost for reopening the site would be the same as opening a new mining site. It’s huge. Thus, we’ll keep following communication route for postponing this Permen, since it refers to the Act (Minerba). But some of our members have tried testing the materials to the Constitutional Court (MK),” he explained. [the1sttimes]



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